Friday, May 23, 2014

Being a Mom

My day starts with tiny little fingers poking me in my face and my eyes open to the most beautiful expression in the world; smile. The smile that tells me there is so much love that eyes can reveal.

Hours fly and I clean, minutes stop and I feed, clock ticks and I eat, time runs and I run. I now take showers at nap times,  eat food at play times, browse at night times. To have a hot meal is a luxury, to read a book during the day is a tragedy, to run errands at times is a misery. End of the day I am tired and completely exhausted and yet I am happy.

Happy when those baby steps keep taking my breath away, happy when I see a wide smile spread across the most lovely face I know,  happy when those tiny little hands reach out to me for comfort, happy when I just know that she is healthy and happy. Happiness that is so complete and beyond words. I am a mother and that is all that matters; being a mom.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


List of captions for telugu weddings

chupulukalisina toli tarunam
Janakiramula subha lagnam

Srirama Kalyana veduka
Seeta sowbhagya kanuka

Raghurama kalyana toranam
Mythili mangalya dhaaranam

seetamma nuditina kasturi tilakam
ramayya diddina kumkuma arunam

janaki ramula kalyana vedika
chuse kantiki taragani veduka

Ramuni chupula daagina pranayam
janaki chempala kempula arunam

ravi kantula vekuva rekha
udaya kiranala subhalekha

prabhasa kantula prati kiranam
merisi tadipina toli udayam

nuduta diddina kalyana rekha
murisi kurchina subha lekha

vekuva paadina udaya ravi chandrika
turupu kantula swarna kirana geetika

udayam pampina ravi kiranam
kalamai raasina pelli pustakam

prabhasa veena meetina raagam
puttadi velugula udaya kiranam

puttadi kantula ravi kiranam
pulimina chitram ee udayam

sasihemantha udaya kiranam
kalisi paade kalyana raagam

ఏడడుగుల ప్రయాణం
ముడుముళ్ళ ప్రమాణం

పసుపు కుంకుమల సౌభాగ్యం
వేద మంత్రాల వైభోగం

చూపులు  కలిసే  ఈ  తరుణం
చేతులు కలిపే శుభలగ్నం

మేళతాళాల  మంగళ  వాద్యం
కళ్యాణానికి శ్రీకారం

మెరిసే ముంగిళ్ళ పచ్చ తోరణం
రాసి పంపే సాదర ఆహ్వానం

మా ఇంట కళ్యాణ వేడుక
మీకిదే మా శుభ లేఖ

‘Marriage’  is a journey that begins with love and brings two hearts together. A bond of respect and simple faith. It’s a celebration of new beginnings in life and togetherness for ever. An occasion of joy and happiness there after…A moment of bliss and magic that makes two souls, one.

Please come and make this moment even special for us with your blessings.