Wednesday, November 6, 2013


nisidhi kopam ratirikandam
chukkala teeram jabilikandam

keratala naatyam kadalikiandam
mabbula payanam minnukiandam

prabhasa geetam turupukandam
sandhya raagam padamarakandam

kokila gaanam vesavikandam
mallela gandham chirugalikandam

pedaveleni paluke andam
prakrutiloni chitram andam

Andam loni mounam andam
bhasheleni bhaavam andam

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bratuku Bandi

Challarina maa idly chatni
Chali chalani battala istriy
Steelu glasulo coffee sugaru
Tv chevilo vartala fevaru
Atiga pele cooker visilu
Poimidunna kurala segalu
Baxulo sardina annam perugu
Alasata teliyani wachi parugu
Appudappudu water nillu
Roju perige karentu billu
Caru nadipite traffic tanta
Bussu ekkite chematala chinta
Pagalanthaa aafees vedi
Ratiranta domala daadi
Eppudaina cinemakeltam
Tippalaina baite tintam
Malli illu office repu
Alavataina vantala popu
Idandi maa bratuku bandi
Meekutelusu kottemundi?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sandhya raagam

pasupu tadipina mabbula teeram
ravi kantula velugula swarnam
merise kiranala virisina varnam
murisi nesina puttadi vastram
minnanti paarina andala arunam
karigi pulimina rangula chitram
aakasa vidhula sandhya raagam

Thursday, August 22, 2013


kal ki kagaz par kuch anokhe nishaan hain
woh yaadon ki gali se guzarteh kabhi hain
dil ke kareeb toh sarein ki sarein hain
beete huve pal mein khoke bhi zinda hain
aaj bhi kabhi muskurahat ki waja hain
aankhon mein aasu ki pehchaan bhi hain
kal ki kagaz par kuch anokhe nishaan hain
yaadon mien toh woh aaj bhi mehfuz hain

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


vennela vakita tellani teralai chikati karigindi

mallela vaelaki nallani musugai minnuni kammindi

chirugalula vinduki hayini pilichi ratiri murisindi

kaluvala intiki chaluvalu techi jabili navvindi

talapula paruguki adugulu tadabadi niddura pilichindi

kalala kaaliki gamanam telisi nisha teeram cherindi

kanupapala kantiki katuka sogasai nisidhi cherigindi

mellega medili mettani mattededo vodilo vaalindi….kannulu musindi…

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just MOM...

True as the saying goes "The moment a child is born the mother is also born", I find my peace in those sparkling eyes that never stop amusing me. I feel lost in the world of her innocence where every time is a first time. I know what bliss is when I see a bewitching smile spread across the most lovely face I have ever known. Love to me is to just hold her in my arms and joy is to just watch her play. I revel in pride when those tiny little fingers reach out to hold my hand and I smile in awe when her cute chubby cheeks turn red in sleep. She is my small wonder and I am just any other mom who can never stop thinking about how great it feels to be a "Mom".

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My first Mother's Day

I found respite in those loving arms as a child and I have learnt how to walk holding those hands. I saw the world from those shoulders that carried me around and I fell asleep swinging on those legs that rocked me to sleep. she was there to hold up my socks and tie my laces. she was there to pack my bag and help me with homework. Thanks to her, my clothes were clean, books were in shelves and rooms were in order. She was my fairy in the stories and my angel of love…My Mom. Happy Mother's day.

I found my love for the second time in life and I see my world in those sparkling eyes. I now count time in seconds of smiles ; and just wait to hug her tight. Thanks to her I know what bliss is and thanks to her I know what a blessing is. She is all that I waited for, my little miracle and now I am her mom…Medha. Celebrating Motherhood...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Idi maa taraha

aalochanalato nichena kadutu
aaratamto adugulu vestu
aakasaniki vantena veyadam kondari taraha

avakasam kosam tippalu padutu
anukshanam gamyam vetukutu
avedanato krungipovadam kondari taraha

apayala vennuni tadutu
asadhyala antulu chustu
andani ettuki cherukovadam kondari taraha

aavesamto, pandem kadutu
anumaanamto, prayasa padutu
aasallo telipovadam kondari taraha

appudappudu poti padutu
alisipote raaji padutu
alavatuga saagipovadam kondari taraha

avasaraniki matalu chebutu
alavokaga nindalu vestu
abadhalato jeevincheyyadam kondari taraha

adhairyamto venakki chustu
apayamani aalochistu
alasipoyi aagipovadam kondari taraha

annitiki tondara padutu
adda darilo anveshistu
adrushtam vetukkovadam kondari taraha

alupe erugani mulluni nedutu
assalu agaka parugulu pedutu
ninna nedani cherigipovadam kaalam taraha

anyayanni nityam kantu
aata veta okate antu
roju repani kalavarinchadam lokam taraha

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


సిరిమల్లెల గంధం
చిరుగాలికి సొంతం  
ఆ చిరుగాలి పయనం
ఏ గూటికి సొంతం ?

సిరివెన్నెల అందం
నిశీధికి సొంతం  
ఆ నిశీధి మాత్రం
ఏ రేయికి సొంతం ?

సిరిమువ్వల పాదం
నాట్యానికి సొంతం  
ఆ నాట్యం లాస్యం
ఏ భావానికి సొంతం?

సిరిపైరుల భోగం
ఈ నేలకి సొంతం  
ఆ నేల గగనం
ఏ చేనుకి సొంతం ?

సిరిజల్లుల శ్రావ్యం
శ్రావనానికి సొంతం  
ఆ శ్రావణ మాసం
ఏ మబ్బుకి సొంతం ?

Friday, January 4, 2013

My GrandParents House

The best place that I always will cherish for the rest of my life is the one house that defined holidays and fun for me; “My Mom’s parents house”. This was where all my cousins came and where we usually spent most of the holidays.
The house as I remember, was painted in shades of yellow, green with a porch overlooking the door. The front yard had lots of Ashoka trees, crotons, a moonbeam flower plant with branches protruding over the wall, a small luna covered in brown cloth cover standing closely next to the water tank built in the ground for municipal water. Lots of trees on either sides of the house that included mango, neem, amla and many more. The back yard was a wide place with stone tiles for flooring; a small tulasi plant stood in the center of the yard that had small brick stand build around it, painted in yellow and red. Straight behind the plant a few yards away was the water boiler that burnt on paper, coal and coconut branches. To the left of the yard was a small patch of soil with banana tree, coconut tree and other small shrubs with a small center place for a person to stand and bathe. Two bathrooms stood on the right hand side of the yard in the corner with a large water tank built inside to store water. A small storeroom stood beside the bathrooms that held the old newspaper and some tools.
The inside of the house was very big with three bedrooms, hall, front room, store room and a kitchen. The front room as I remember had a sofa, two chairs covered in light green cloth covers; with a showcase behind the chair. Two windows opened behind the sofa and the other chair letting the room to be well ventilated. The showcase held the best collection of handy work of my grand mother ranging from wooden dolls donned in sarees that were well accessorized, hand made toys, cloth work on frames and many more. The first bedroom right beside the front room was the TV room which had the TV, large work table with a type writer, telephone and lots of paper and post. It also had a recliner made of wooden frame with long hand rests and thick cloth reclining chair right in front of the TV. Two windows overlooked the front yard and the side alley of the house. The second bedroom, which was the master bedroom of the house, had a window overlooking the side alley and a door that opened into it. It had an old model of rocking sewing machine and double-cot bed. Bedroom opened into a hall that had a connecting passage from the front room of the house. The hall stood at the center of the house with a large table that seated six people. There was a refrigerator on one side of the hall towards left with a closet to its left. A small bottle of calcium sandos that later was used for cloved was kept of the top of the fridge. A small wash basin was built on the right hand side of the dining table with a large shelf directly behind it. The shelf held the crockery and the shelf near by to the wash basin held the binaca toothpaste and big bottle of lavender powder. The store room that opened from the hall was filled with spices, soaps, tooth pastes, groceries, pickles, flour, sugar and jaggery. The third bedroom was mostly a spare that held lots of post from previous months, extra pillows, bed sheets and beds. Finally, the kitchen was a sanctuary where my grandmother spent most of her time cooking and praying. The small shelf beside the stove had boost, sugar and nuts. The kitchen opened into the back yard with a window overlooking it.  
The morning usually began with the radio playing ads and suprabhatam, with the subtle floral fragrance that wafted from the flower basket, which was filled with flowers just plucked. The hot fumes of coal and coconut rubble boiled the water in the back yard boiler while the freshly cooking curry and dal flavor filled the kitchen. The scent of dhoop sticks and soap used to come across the house that marked the inception of the day. The small oval shaped steel plate, a big plate with dents for curries and dal, old fashioned steel glasses fancied for water, the lemon and mango pickles with powders made from scratch are just a few things that mark the memories of this house.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

To the girl inside...

As a girl it all starts with the toys we love to play as a child. Initially it’s a doll. Accessorizing the doll, combing its hair, dressing it for a party and cooking for it’s birthday; then gradually as time goes by the obsession is no longer for the dolls we play with. Those colorful shoes, dresses, bags from behind the mirrors in the showroom begin to start their magic on the eyes. Be it a colorful pencil box, magic eraser, new school bag, or water bottle everything seems to be, the most wonderful thing we should have. Starting from new ribbons to clips, labels to socks, crayons to sketch pens everything seems important and necessary. A small world filled with dreams of no bigger than cake and candles for birthday, a promising world full of hopes that only has chocolates, ice creams and new dresses in it.

Ah what despair, time never waits and dreams never stop. Beautiful little world made of chocolates and ice creams no longer holds the key to the heart. Fashion and trend slowly start to make their mark and cloud the ability of perception. Everything is new and everything is awesome right from the lip-gloss to eyeliner, high heels to leather bags, and watches to goggles. World is now a bigger place full of things that we must have. Financial freedom usually begins and ends in this world, be it from pocket money or hard earned credit card. We either spend money that isn't ours to spend or spend something that is rightfully ours without realizing if its worth it. No matter what, it still makes us feel complete and happy.

Once again life goes on and time never bothers. World is now a dirty place. Responsibility and survival take over the happy place that was once filled with hopes and dreams of future. Reality dawns and it soon becomes clear that the small world full of dolls and dresses is far off, beyond reach, lost in the golden memories of innocent childhood. Today seems to be the only truth. The world around full of fashion and trend seems to be with in hands reach yet miles away from credit cards. Every time the balance drops by a figure it starts to trigger an automatic machine gun that continues to dodge bullets of questions till it's obvious to us that we made a lavish purchase without foresight or may be not lavish but unnecessary.

The little girl that once dreamt of chocolates and dolls and the fashion girl that once dreamt of perfumes and brands is still alive in the today of this every woman; it’s just that we realize and it’s not that good anymore.

Imagination of the girl inside still dreams, only just that some day it realizes...