Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today's Tragedy and Tomorrow's Hope

In the times of raging violence and chaos
trust is always a cunning trap of woes

In the times of shedding blood and tears
peace is always a piece of paper for fears

In the times of rising rigor and plight
justice is always a rich man's right

In the times of looting wealth and power
hope is always a true myth forever

In the times of impending sorrow and dismay
democracy is always a foul game play

Let life be born once again in the aeon
to conquer the world of contention and felon

Let life be born once again in the aeon
to envision a world of  wisdom and compassion


when words don't suffice to say
all a heart wants to say
when tears don't suffice to say
how sad was the day
when eyes don't suffice to say
the tragedy of dismay

its a friend who understands and stands by you...
its a friend who supports and feels for you...


Waves rising and ebbing away in the sea,
are like people in life we meet and see.
Sweet are those memories of past,
but Time always runs fast
Whats Future?? A mirage of hope...
but Life is all is a game of hope!!
Every second lost, is past.
but some moments will always last...
That's not just the lapse of time,
A treasure called Life lived on time...

Here I am, fighting nostalgia ,in isolation
dejected and lost, in a state of desolation...


Amidst of busy life, there exists perilous silence of despair,
dormant in action but eloquent in confusion.
Rage of rising incompleteness in life takes over every thought of bliss
leaving behind a muddle.
Dejected is my quest for happiness,
as every thought dissolves in this silence leaving behind the translucence of cleaving void in life.
The triumph of despondence echoes in looming frustration louder than ever.
How do i quench my quiescent ire in hush?


Deep blue strokes of ocean water,
Rich red hues of evening sunset,
Lush green shades of tender leaves,
Bright yellow tinge of morning sunrise,
Pale purple gradient of rainy sky,
Fresh white tone of winter snow,
Dull black tint of looming clouds.
An impeccable cast of colors painting the vibrant masterpiece, "Nature".


 Rising cadence of falling water
 Fading voice of ebbing wave
 Ringing notes of avian choir
 Soothing whistle of drifting wind
 Raging Roar of lightning sky
 Splashing rhythm of pouring rain
 Belong in the eternity of mellifluous music innate in nature